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Become a Certified CoACH

with Coach Micheal Burt in 2023

March 22-24 and Jun 6-7


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Become one of Coach Burt’s

Navy Seal Coaches?

If you have ever had a strong desire to speak, coach, train, and lead but need structure, mentoring, and even leads to work then Coach Burt’s Navy Seal Certification could be for you. Spend three days with Coach Micheal Burt and his team at his 8,000 square foot lodge in TN and get monthly mentorship as well as new opportunities to speak and coach within Coach Burt’s expansive network while you create coaching opportunities for your self.

The Navy Seal Coaching Certification includes:

Three days of training with Coach Burt and his team at the 8,000 foot Lodge (Mar. 22-24 or Jun 6-7)

Training, materials, testing, and role play

Intimate coaching from Coach Micheal Burt on a monthly basis

A lead coach to work with to develop your sales and delivery skills

Coaching opportunities to be plugged into and leads to work and coach

Monthly mentoring and exclusive access to Coach Burt as one of his certified coaches

Spend thREE dayS with COACH BURT and

get the KNOWLEDGE you need to BE KNOWN…


JUne 6-7, 2023

10:00-4:00 p.m. CST



1. Prey Drive Activation

2. Legacy Selling- The Monster Growth System

3. Living with a Monster

4. Person of Interest

5. Million Dollar Follow Up

6. Purpose to Profit

You will be certified in Coach Burt’s CORE PHILOSOPHY of:

1. Finding that which makes you unique

2. Packaging that which makes you unique

3. Marketing that which makes you unique

4. Monetizing that which makes you unique

Coach will encompass all into The Whole Person Theory on how he coaches people from all walks of life

Much of this focus will be spent on the actual “monetization” of a coaching business which many certifications do not teach you SUCH AS:

1. Lead generation

2. Follow up and conversion

3. Expansion of networks

4. Marketing and becoming known

In this UNIQUE coaching certification Coach Burt will also let you:

1. Sell his coaching program - Monster Producer which could include you doing 1-1 coaching or group coaching within Coach Burt’s network

2. Sell any of his other products for a commission

3. Be plugged into coaching opportunities as they present themselves

4. Get leads monthly for you to work and potentially close for coaching

You will be able to earn money from:

1. Selling coaching leads sent to you

2. Coaching opportunities in Coach Burt’s network and your own network

3. Being involved in Coach Burt’s network of high achieving people

4. Getting direct coaching from Coach Burt and his team of top coaches on monetization of a message

The Monetization model (How you can get compensated):

1. Selling Coach Burt’s products: 20% commission

2. Selling Coach Burt’s Monster Producer Program that includes you coaching: Commission of 20% + Coaching Fee for your 1-1 coaching @ $75-$125 per session

3. Potentially selling the leads generated a product Coach helps you develop where you earn a 50/50% split with Micheal Burt Enterprises or you and Coach deliver together

you can earn new income through:

1. Selling products and services

2. Selling and coaching

3. Selling your own products from our leads with guidance from Coach


1. 10,000 investment (payment options available- must be paid prior to)

2. Re-certification annually of $5,000 to maintain your certification

This is your chance to be PLUGGED in to one of the fastest growing COACHES in the world as a CERTIFIED COACH

Coach Micheal Burt’s team will provide:

• Multiple days of coaching (Mar. 22-24 or June 6-7)

• Monthly coaching and mentoring from lead coach and Coach Burt

• Potential of leads for you

• Access to audit Coach’s programs in MB School of Speaking, Person of Interest, and Monster Producer

• Books and Materials

• Infrastructure of a coaching business

• Accounting and tracking

• Selling system

• Access to Coach Burt’s expansive online Monster Growth Academy


  • Selling MBE leads your products outside of the structure is prohibited

  • Quality control checks and performance measured on a consistent basis

  • Reliability of the coach tracked and measured

  • Deliverability of the coach measured

  • Performance of the coach with feedback from students tracked

  • Lead generation will go to coaches who show demonstrated capacity to close

  • Evaluations will determine who gets coaching assignments based on a scoring system

  • If any destructive behavior is displayed or embarrasses MBE then dismissal is immediate

  • Coaches must participate in Monday calls, Monster Growth Academy and come to each bootcamp to understand the system fully

  • Must commit to the system with reliability and consistency




Coach Micheal Burt is considered the leading authority on “activating the PREY DRIVE” in people and teams around the world. Coach Burt defines Prey Drive in this context as “an instinctual ability to see something with the eyes optically or in the mind and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.”

Coach Micheal Burt is considered the leading authority on “activating the PREY DRIVE” in people and teams around the world. Coach Burt defines Prey Drive in this context as “an instinctual ability to see something with the eyes optically or in the mind and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.”

“Micheal Burt is the real deal when it comes to coaches. He will teach you how to build, grow, scale and get major spikes in your business like no other.”


The 10X Rule

“Nobody in the world packages and delivers coaching content better than Coach Burt. He’s spent his lifetime studying and breaking down concepts and structures.”


LightSpeed VT

“Coach Burt is the modern day COVEY. Nobody is better than him at what he does by breaking down a methodology of growth.”

Tim Storey

Celebrity Life Coach

More About Coach Micheal Burt

“Everybody needs a good coach in life.” Those that have great coaches outperform those that don’t 3-4X and out earn those that don’t by 3-4X.

Burt is both INTENSE and POSITIVE! Many like his authentic nature and pure coaching skills of packaging and delivering content in ways that make people take action and achieve results.

Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach” - a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world. Coach Burt found his unique voice early in life at the age of 15 by starting his basketball coaching career with a junior pro basketball team.


Become a Certified Coach with

Coach Micheal Burt

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