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Unlock Your Coaching Potential

Coach Burt's MBE Coaching Certification

August 28-29, 2023 | at THE LODGE

Are you ready to take your coaching business to new heights? Or perhaps you're ready to venture into the world of coaching and need the guidance to make it a resounding success. Coach Burt's MBE Coaching Certification is your ultimate pathway to becoming a recognized and influential coach in your field.

Why Choose MBE Coaching Certification?

If you've ever dreamt of speaking, coaching, training, and leading with impact, but have been searching for the right structure and mentoring then look no further. Join us for a transformative two-day experience at Coach Micheal Burt's luxurious 8,000-square-foot lodge in TN (August 28-29). This immersive training includes dynamic coaching sessions, role-play scenarios, and comprehensive materials, all tailored to empower you as a coach.

The Ultimate Coaching Curriculum

Through this immersive experience, you will earn a certification in Coach Burt's signature methodologies, including:

Prey Drive Activation

The Monster Growth System

Living with a Monster

Person of Interest

Million Dollar Follow Up

Purpose to Profit

Beyond mastering these areas, you will embody Coach Burt's signature philosophies, including:

Uncovering your unique strengths

Packaging your distinct value

Mastering effective marketing

Maximizing monetization

Coach Burt's holistic approach encompasses the Whole Person Theory, catering to individuals from all walks of life. This certification is more than theory; it delves into the vital art of coaching monetization, a component often overlooked by other programs. You'll gain insights into lead generation, conversion tactics, network expansion, and creating a powerful personal brand.

Invest in Your Success

Secure your spot in this exclusive certification program, which includes:

Comprehensive coaching over multiple days (August 28-29)

Privileged access to Coach Burt's acclaimed programs

Essential books and materials

Establish the foundations of a robust coaching business

Leverage an effective selling system

Unlock exclusive entry to online Monster Growth Academy

it's time to Elevate Your Coaching Journey

Join Coach Micheal Burt's league of certified coaches, and elevate your coaching journey to unprecedented heights. With meticulous quality control, personalized mentorship, and access to Coach Burt's strategic insights, you'll be armed with the tools to succeed.

Are you ready to become a beacon of influence and impact?

Your coaching revolution begins here. Enroll today and unlock your full coaching potential!

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