AN experience LIKE NO OTHER...

What's NEXT?

A MASTERMIND for high achievers to figurE out your NEXT BIG move and a STRUCTURE to package your success methods AND share with the world

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Objective and Key Focus: Finding, packaging, marketing, and monetizing your unique methodology you used to be successful and crystallizing your next BIG MOVE

This unique mastermind series was created because so MANY high net worth and successful people came to Coach Burt and said, “I want to get clear on my next big move and I have a desire to help people with my method.” Coach Burt quickly recognized that many of these success stories didn’t know how to get started, how to package their unique methods, or market those methods or get clear on what Coach Burt calls “THE B” which is their desired outcome they are working toward.

The WHAT’S NEXT Mastermind is perfect for someone who has achieved success and wants to help others with their unique methodology and seeks to COLLABORATE with other high net worth achievers.

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Maximum Group size of 40 per cohort

  • $12,500 one time payment or 3 payments of $5,000

  • Includes monthly zoom sessions combined with quarterly masterminds with Coach Burt and special guests at Coach Burt’s LODGE in TN and Greatness Factory in Nashville

  • Building strong CONNECTIONS with other other LIKE minded high net worth achievers who are at high levels

  • Gaining personal access to Coach Burt for mentorship and pitch and catch through scenarios and when you are working through a complexity through an SOS line

  • All Access Pass to Coach Burt’s events at his LODGE and his monthly coaching program for your team (Over $50,000 of value)

In this ONE YEAR high net worth coaching mastermind you will have access to:

Monthly coaching with Coach Burt and other top experts via ZOOM (Coach Burt will bring in key experts to support your greatness)

Quarterly Masterminds to go deeper in person for ONE DAY at Coach Burt’s Lodge or Greatness Factory of Nashville with this private group

Special Curriculum written by Coach Burt called “The Making of a Coach” and a “What’s Next Framework” for making your key decisions

Training through Coach Burt’s “Person of Interest” Curriculum to expand your brand

Training through Coach Burt’s Micheal Burt School of Speaking, Coaching, and Writing to help you get clarity on your message and how to bring it to the world through a book, speaking, and programs

Special training from social media marketing specialist on how to become known, renown and famous in the world

Sessions with 'talent agents' who broker book deals or associate with other high achievers around the world

Special sessions with key psychologists on high performance and your deep skill set

And much much more...


Open ENrollment

Questions and Answers:

Who is this for?

This is for the successful entrepreneur or business leader who would like to gain clarity over their next big plays, potentially package their success methods, and be in a mastermind with other top players.

Who is this not for?

This is not for the beginner as we will be discussing advanced concepts and a certain level of business sophistication will be needed. This is also not for people who will not participate. Participant must show up for the monthly meetings (only 3 misses allowed in a one year cycle for the zooms) and participant must show up to a minimum of TWO in person mastermind days.

How is the coaching delivered?

The monthly sessions will be delivered by our team of expert coaches led by Coach Burt and in zoom settings. The quarterly masterminds will be in person and either at Coach Burt’s LODGE 35 minutes from Nashville or at the new Greatness Factory in downtown Nashville. Other networking events or special sessions may happen prior to or after the one day session.

What does an ALL ACCESS pass mean?

This means with your investment you get access to ANY event Coach Burt is doing at THE LODGE that he is solely hosting such as Person of Interest, The Micheal Burt School of Speaking, Activate, Purpose 2 Profit or others that he creates. This does not include programming at The Greatness Factory of Nashville or the house in Florida.

When is the enrollment cycle?

The enrollment cycle is from Feb. 15 - April 12th with quarterly sessions beginning in May and monthly coaching beginning in April

When are the sessions?

All sessions will be part of the work day as we believe in allowing for work-life congruence after the work day is over. All sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants.

Is there a cancellation policy?

The program curriculum and structure is set up around the consumption of material specifically designed to give you clarity. The cycle and process requires participation and engagement and the richness of relationships developed with others in the program. For the content to do its work in helping you crystallize your bigger future and learn to package your intellectual property we need the entire year and a total commitment from you. To participate you will have to sign a commitment document committing to the process and showing up. Due to these reasons there will be no cancellations or refunds.

Where is The Lodge and The Greatness Factory?

The Lodge is 35 minutes from the Nashville International airport and sits on 25 acres of beautiful land. This 8,000 square foot structure is perfect to retreat to attack. Participants stay 12 minutes away at local hotels and come in to the Lodge for training, meals, and networking. The Greatness Factory of Nashville is in the Luxurious 505 building in downtown Nashville, TN. Less than 15 minutes from the Nashville International Airport.


1. A one time payment of $12,500 (saves $2,500)

2. Three payments of $5,000

This is your chance to be PLUGGED in to one of the fastest growing COACHES in the world

Coach Micheal Burt’s Accolades include:

  • 17 books with four best sellers

  • TV shows

  • Coaching programs

  • A brand worth $20 million+

  • $20 million + of real estate and growing

  • Licensing deals

  • Commercial real estate through The Greatness Factory

  • Success Schools for kids

  • Certification programs

  • Speaking engagements that have produced millions in sales

  • Concepts that he has used to speak, coach, train, and lead

  • 7 figure coaching assignments

  • Coaching packages that include his private jet and houses

  • Add content on specializing in pulling a bigger future out of people and helping them get clarity on




Coach Micheal Burt is considered the leading authority on “activating the PREY DRIVE” in people and teams around the world. Coach Burt defines Prey Drive in this context as “an instinctual ability to see something with the eyes optically or in the mind and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.”

Coach Micheal Burt is considered the leading authority on “activating the PREY DRIVE” in people and teams around the world. Coach Burt defines Prey Drive in this context as “an instinctual ability to see something with the eyes optically or in the mind and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.”

“Micheal Burt is the real deal when it comes to coaches. He will teach you how to build, grow, scale and get major spikes in your business like no other.”


The 10X Rule

“Nobody in the world packages and delivers coaching content better than Coach Burt. He’s spent his lifetime studying and breaking down concepts and structures.”


LightSpeed VT

“Coach Burt is the modern day COVEY. Nobody is better than him at what he does by breaking down a methodology of growth.”

Tim Storey

Celebrity Life Coach

More About Coach Micheal Burt

“Everybody needs a good coach in life.” Those that have great coaches outperform those that don’t 3-4X and out earn those that don’t by 3-4X.

Burt is both INTENSE and POSITIVE! Many like his authentic nature and pure coaching skills of packaging and delivering content in ways that make people take action and achieve results.

Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach” - a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world. Coach Burt found his unique voice early in life at the age of 15 by starting his basketball coaching career with a junior pro basketball team.

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